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We thank God for the awesome work He has enabled us to accomplish while in the city of Fort Worth, Texas.  Our prayer is to follow wherever He leads us as a church family.

The Heritage of Christian Faith Baptist Church is one that fits uniquely together with a taste of the rooted foundation on an old foundation.

We operate in the sound and inerrant Word of God. We have a sense of humor. We enjoy the sounds of good old fashion gospel music as well as, the high moving heart stomping, fast paced music of today.

In essence, we that make up the heritage in Christian Faith, have a little young and old in us.  Our heritage is made up of grandmothers, that have been in church most of their lives along with mothers and fathers with children ready to step into adulthood.  We have the young and the restless, the rich looking and  the not  so famous in our congregation.  The children and the teenagers balance out the church.  We have laborers, teachers, car salesmen, caterers, nurses, students, factory workers, realtors, government workers and retirees.

As you can see……there is a whole heritage of people at Christian Faith Baptist Church that make up the nuclious of believers.