Transportation Ministry

Transportation Ministry

Ministry Contact Information

Name: Keiwuan Mitchell                    Title:  Driver


Ministry Mission Statement:  To Serve the LORD with all my heart and strength.  To do it faithfully and responsibly putting aside all selfishness and pride with the goal of letting GOD’s light shine through me that it may encourage and lead someone to seek out salvation through JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR.


Ministry Description:  To make sure everyone who needs a ride to church is picked up on time and returned home safely.  This includes Sunday school, Bible study and all other church related events.  To contribute to gas, maintenance and clean up of vehicle also to make sure the van is locked and secure before leaving.  To make sure if absent notify Pastor and back up driver, so transport can continue to operate properly.

Meeting Time(s):  flexible- before or after church

Meeting Day(s):    Sunday

Participant Qualifications: (age Limit….etc)

25 and up, must have clean driving record, valid license, mature and responsible individual.