Women’s Mission Team (WMT) Ministry

Ministry Contact Information

Name: Barbara Johnson                                                               Title:      President

E-Mail: Barbaramjohnson@sbcglobal.net

Name: Ida Heath                                                                            Title: Vice President


Ministry Mission Statement:  The mission of our Women’s Ministry is to unite strong Christian women working together for the betterment of our homes, church, community and the world.   We as women of God are dedicated to the service of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Our service motto is “Working the Agenda of the Lord”.  As Christian women “working the agenda of the Lord”, there is a great need to re-introduce God not only to the unsaved but also to the Church.

Ministry Description:  It is our desire to promote more spiritual growth and closer bonding of all women in our Church family.  The Women’s Mission Team will be offering programs throughout the year aimed at the spiritual enrichment of the women and youth of our Christian Faith family.  Some of the projects planned are: Women Mentoring Women, Nutritional Workshops with the Youth, Women’s Mission Workshop, Annual Women’s Day, A Book Fair and Visitation of our Sick and Shut-in.  Our work in the community involves service to an area nursing home (please see our Nursing Home Ministry updates).

Meeting Time/Date(s):  Every 1st & 3rd Sunday following morning worship in the Fellowshiphall.

Participant Qualifications:  All ladies 19 years of age and up are welcome.


If you feel God’s call on life to GO AND SERVE, come and join us in our service to The Master.