Our Pastor

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 Words From The Pastor

It is with great expectations and empowerment of the Lord Jesus that I salute you.

I want to report that God is almighty and merciful to his people.  I am looking forward to the challenge we face in the days ahead.  With god on our side, we have made preparations to receive the harvest of souls guided by the Holy Spirit. Through Gods anointed word.

I urge everyone who calls upon the matchless name of Jesus Christ, to maintain your commitment to the call.  As we march into the future on the coat tails of Mercy and Grace, we stand Called, Appointed and Anointed to carry out the Great Commission.

When there is darkness, despair,pastor2

destruction and depression everywhere, know that Jesus Christ has already overcome the world.  You do not have a problem, you have a challenge.

Remember to tell somebody, “You’re in it to win it”.